Contract manufacturing solutions


Manufacturing Capabilities

Our highly adaptable production facilities allow us to specialize in the efficient contract manufacturing of solid dosage form food supplements. 

We offer a range of manufacturing options in order to suit the needs of our clients, and our dedicated product development and quality assurance teams ensure the consistently high quality. Due to the combination of our experience and commitment to excellent customer service, every step of the process is designed to surpass the customer's expectations. 

The ultimate priority in tablet manufacturing is to provide the very best in terms of quality. As all of our quality control measures aim to ensure product quality and safety, raw materials and finished products are tested by contract analytical laboratories.

Among our contract services, we offer developing and manufacturing of tablet formulations  in accordance with clients' specification and a broad selection of film-coated, uncoated and chewable tablets with short lead times.

We can offer:

  • a wide range of active ingredients
  • modern packaging solutions
  • contract manufacturing possibilities
  • outstanding quality at a competitive price
  • private label services

Contact us to discuss your ideas and objectives - flexibility is our strength!

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We offer both a filling-only and a full service for two-piece hard gel capsules. Hard capsule shells are available in all sizes.

The close relationship with our soft gel capsule supplier allows us to provide a full service package with competitive pricing for our clients.

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We offer blending and filling of a wide variety of powders including vitamin, mineral and herbal powder blends. 


Liquids are a convenient way to take vitamins and food supplements, particularly for children, the elderly and those who experience swallowing difficulties when taking tablets.
The most popular liquid preparations from our portfolio are:
- adult multivitamin and mineral formulations, 
- skin, hair and nail formulations,
- sports drinks, isotonic, energy and weight management formulas.

These liquids can be filled into plastic and glass bottles with different shapes and sizes.

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